22824 N Monroe
Deer Park, WA

Eckhart Farms

As we’ve asked more production of our crops from our fields to stay economically competitive, we believed it was even more important to take better care of soil to sustain these yield improvements. Gypsum not only filled that gap for us from a soil health perspective but was also a great fit for our limited budget. With conventional fertilizer costs on the the rise, gypsum helps increase our regular fertilizer amendment efficiency. It’s like getting double return on our investment.
Chris Eckhart

896 Hwy 395 South
Addy, WA 99101

Front Porch Farm

At Front Porch Farm we grow a wide variety of vegetables using organic practices. We have OSA apply gypsum annually in the fall which helps with our heavy soil. When tilled in, gypsum aids in breaking down our clay soil. We recommend it as a helpful organic amendment to add to your soil. We also are using it on our hay fields.
Dee Acheson

2431 Heine Rd.
Chewelah, WA 99109

Hagen Cattle and Hay

Applying gypsum is a positive farming practice which has increased crop yields through improving soil quality. It is a solid investment.
Matt Hagen

Rose Hill Farm

4947 Rose Hill Rd
Springdale, Wa

As each year brings different growing conditions, it is not always easy to point to one thing that changes production. Since using the gypsum and lime, we have noticed darker colored alfalfa and more aggressive regrowth after first cutting. Our soil seems to be a little less prone to compacting than it was before and we have been able to establish some very consistent stands on our newly seeded alfalfa. The small amount of grain that we grow every year has improved- the grain is heavier and the stems/straw is heavier and darker colored on the plants.
The Simpson Family