Soil is the basic building block of life. It all starts here. It may be strange to think of soil as either ‘healthy’ or ‘sick’, but in reality, soil should be alive and teeming with microbes- actively providing plants with the elements they need to grow, reproduce, and take up nutrients.

Biologics are the microscopic living organisms within soil. Bacteria, algae, fungi, nematodes and more act as workhorses to ‘make things happen’. Without these biologics, your soil will be held back from its intended living, healthy and productive functions.

A healthy soil is balanced- balanced with minerals and living biologics- that work together to create many benefits to producers and consumers of crops. Healthy soil benefits all aspects of the environment – plants, animals, humans, water and air quality, even reducing erosion and pests.

Optimum Soil Balance

*1 to 5 %
Organic matter and Living organisms

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