The following are many of the books we currently have in our corporate library. Most have been purchased at Acres USA. The science of soil is vast, and a good book (or many good books) help with interpretation and education. We value continuing education and going to the experts!

    1. Neal Kinsey:

       – Hands-On Agronomy 

    1. William Albrecht:

        –Soil Fertility & Human and Animal Health 

        – Albrecht on Soil Balancing 

        – Albrecht on Calcium 

        – Albrecht’s Hidden Lessons             

    1. Ehrenfried Pfeiffer:

        – Weeds and What They Tell Us 

    1. Charles Walters:

        – Weeds, Control Without Poisons 

        – Minerals for the Genetic Code 

        – Ask the Plant: Soil Fertility, Plant Analysis and Crop Nutrition             

    1. Gary Zimmer:

        – The Biological Farmer 

        – Advanced Biological Farmer

    1. William “Crop Doc” McKibbens:

        – A Practical Guide to Interpreting Soil Tests 

        – The Art of Balancing Soil Nutrients  

    1. Donald L. Schriefer:

        – From the Soil Up 

        – Agriculture in Transition 

    1. Harold Willis PhD. 

        – Foundations of Natural Farming 

    1. Margareth Sekera:

        – Healthy Soils, Sick Soils 

    1. Erhard Hennig:

        – Secrets of Fertile Soils 

    1. David Montgomery:

        – Growing a Revolution: Bringing Our Soil Back to Life  

    1. Dan Skow, DVM, & Charles Walters:

        – Mainline Farming for Century 21: Lessons in Reams Method Agronomy 

    1. Michael Astera with Agricola:

        – The Ideal Soil 2014: A Handbook for the New Agriculture v2.0 

    1. Bob Quinn and Liz Carlisle:

        – Grain by Grain: A Quest to Revive Ancient Wheat, Rural Jobs, and Healthy Food  

    1. Gabe Brown:

        – Dirt to Soil: One Family’s Journey into Regenerative Agriculture 

    1. Judith D. Schwartz:

        – Water in Plain Sight: Hope for a Thirsty World 

    1. Liz Carlisle:

        – Lentil Underground: Renegade Farmers and the Future of Food in America  

    1. Seth Kroeck: 

        – Crop Rotation and Cover Cropping: Soil Resiliency and Health on the Organic Farm  

    1. Robert S. Boynton:

        – Chemistry and Technology of Lime and Limestone 

    1. Dr. Arden B. Anderson:

        – The Anatomy of Life & Energy in Agriculture         

    1. Andre’ Voisin:

        – Grass Productivity: An Introduction to Rational Grazing

    1. Herwig Pommeresche:

        – Humusphere: Humus, a Substance or a Living System?  

    1. David Montgomery and Anne Bikle’:

      – The Hidden Half of Nature: The Microbial Roots of Life and Health 

    1. Courtney White:

        – Two Percent Solutions for the Planet: 50 Low-Cost, Low-Tech, Nature-Based Practices for Combatting Hunger, Drought, and Climate Change  

    1. Robert Kourik:

        – Understanding Roots: Discover How to Make Your Garden Flourish  

    1. Caroline Pfutzner: 

        – The Modern Grower’s Guide to Terra Preta 

    1. Jeff Moyer:

        – Organic No-Till Farming: Advancing No-Till Agriculture: Crops, Soil, Equipment

    1. Jon Franks/International Ag Labs

        –  HIgh Brix Gardens 

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